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Secondary Women of Stargate

Where recurring becomes regular, and regular recurring!

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Secondary women of Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe
Secondary Women of Stargate
The place to be where recurring becomes regular, and regular becomes recurring.

This community exists to make sure the recurring women of the Stargate universe aren't forgotten. All the female characters that ever appeared on Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and soon Stargate Universe, and who were never in the opening credits and thus not considered regular, are welcome here.

Let's meet our recurring women shall we, but don't kill me if I forgot one along the way:

Doctor Janet Fraiser - Cassandra Fraiser - Hathor - Nirrti - Freya/Anise - Lieutenant Jennifer Hailey - Doctor Lam - Chloe (Felger's assistent) - Sha're - Sarah Gardner/Osiris - Laira - Linea/Ke'ra - Kianna Cyr - Leda Kane - Aiyana ... and many more who only appeared once or twice.

Wraith Queens - Perna - Doctor Biro - Chaya - Doctor Miko Kusanagi - Doctor Kate Heightmeyer - Lieutenant Laura Cadman - Doctor Katie Brown - Sora - Jeanie Miller - Alina - Ellia - Teer - Lindsey Novak - Charin - Doctor Cole - Marie - Fran - Larin - Ara - Malena - Harmony - Nancy - Alison Porter - Anne Teldy - Alicia Vega - Dusty Mehra - Vanessa Conrad/AI - Amelia Banks - ... and plenty more to choose from.

Vanessa James - Lisa Park - Ginn - Gloria Rush - Kiva - Marian Wallace - Patricia Armstrong - Sharon - Amanda Perry - Emily Young - Barnes - Doctor Brightman - Andrea Palmer - ... and more to choose from.

The regulars that have to take a backseat here are:

Samantha Carter & Vala Maldoran

Elizabeth Weir, Teyla Emmagan, Samantha Carter & Jennifer Keller

Chloe Armstrong, Tamara 'TJ' Johansen & Camille Wray

However, it's not a crime to be using these but they aren't the focus of this community and should therefor play a secondary role to the ones that are the focus here - otherwise I could have just named this community Women of Stargate (or something alike).

A few guidelines I would like all of you to follow:

1. I will maintain a zero-tolerance towards actress/character bashing, in fanfic or discussions. This will result in a one-way ticket out of this community with a ban on top.

2. Respect your fellow fans, and respect will be given to you in return. Which means no bashing of other fans and what they like or don't like.

3. When posting fic it would be a courtesy to use LJ-cuts, and to warn potential readers about what they might expect from what's hidden behind the cut.

Here be a few things that I would like to be put with the fic:

Type / Pairings: (spell out the character names to avoid confusion, please)
Main characters:
Spoilers: (if applicable)
Disclaimer: (please protect us all by mentioning that you don't own these characters)
Author's Notes:

Gen, slash, het, femslash -> all is welcome as long as you keep in mind that the primary characters in the story have to be any of the female recurring/guest characters.

If your story deals with Elizabeth and Teyla, with a little Kate on the side, that's not considered a fic about a secondary character.
If it however is a story about Janet and Daniel, with a little Sam on the side, that is considered fic that could be posted here, since Janet is obviously a part of your main focus.

What is NOT accepted here:

* RPF (Real People Fic)

This community is primarely about the characters these ladies play. However, I do not mind if you would post news about these actresses, what they are up to these days and spread the news if they are going to be in anything that we should see.

* no pairing of minors and adults, incest, bestiality ... common sense should know what is accepted and what isn't. If I should come across it, there will be consequences.

* plagiarism

4. Icons, banners, signatures, wallpapers, drawings, ... Any sort of art is more than welcome. Please put anything big under an LJ-cut or link back to your personal journal. Teasers are allowed of course, as long as they don't take up half of my or anyone else's screen. Also, don't forget to tell your admirers whether they can snerch or not. In the case of snerching or snagging artwork - always credit the owner.

5. Picspams should be behind cuts. Warnings will land at your doorstep in case I see it not being done. Of course, LJ can be funky sometimes and HTML will go all wonky on us. In that case, it's not your fault. ;-)

Ficathons will be held depending on the interest.

For now, I just want you to have fun. Pimp this community out to the world, the more people that know about it, the more lovin' there will be for every one of our favorite secondary ladies.

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Want to affiliate with us? Just give us a sign and we'll do everything in our power to maintain a healthy relationship.