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Rhona Mitra As Commander Kiva

I am looking for any icons of Rhona Mitra as Commander Kiva.
She was only in Subversion and Incursion 1&2.
Rhona is my favorite actress any any help finding Kiva icons would be wonderful.
Thank you very much.
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Grumpy, Obsession of the Week

Fic: Woman's Voice: Private Consultation (1/?)

Title: Private Consultation
Fandom: Stargate
Rating: K+
Genres: gen, friendship
Summary: Major Anne Teldy doesn't want a substitute for Captain Alicia Vega... but it seems that she doesn't have a choice.
A/N: This is the first of to date two pieces on the team from Whispers as an answer to regular challenges on a German Stargate forum. I'll try not to comment on the way challenges are run there (but I will say that it sucks... and I also would say so on the forum but I guess they'd ban me for lèse-majesté if I did) but I'll give you the results (and no, up to now I haven't won a single one... but I'm working on it) and let you judge them. This challenge's theme was fog, BTW. Hope you like it :) Oh, and I also have decided to try and make all my future challenge pieces about the Whispers team one way or the other so yeah... it's a series. I think. Maybe.

And I totally forgot to say something about mackenziesmomma  when I posted this on So... erm... as always, she was a fabulous beta but she did ask me what a troika was ;)

PS.: I shamelessly stole the title for the series from scherryzade 's wonderful answer to the stargate_ocs All You Women Independent challenge, Shall Woman's Voice be Hushed? I hope she can forgive me...

Private Consultation )

Do we honestly have no tags here? I'd say we rather need some...
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Grumpy, Obsession of the Week

Challenge pimping!

Hi everyone!

I hope this is okay but since today is the first day of Women's History Month and exactly a week to the 100th International Women's Day, I kind of organized challenges both on my Lorne/Cadman comm major_explosion and my Stargate OC comm stargate_ocs. I'd love to have a lot of writers (and reccers) for the entire month, so I'd love it if you'd all have a look at the prompts we gathered or maybe find inspiration from other sources and would like to contributed. So, here you go with the prompt posts:

Prompt claiming post at major_explosion 

Prompt claiming post at stargate_ocs 

Happy writing and, in the case of stargate_ocs also happy reccing!
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OT - Looking for Women of Stargate Graphic for FemSlashCon

Those of you who know me, know that I love Stargate.  I have always wished that I had the creative talent to write fanfic, make fanvids, create graphics, or make websites.  I don’t.  I have tried.  I have always felt that I got so much more from the Fandom that I was able to give back.  Sure I always send feedback, beta read, and nominate my favorites for awards but the scales have always seemed unbalanced.  Finally I have found a way for me to give back. 

I am one of the organizers for the online FemslashCon.  It is scheduled on the 17th of July, 2010 on the third annual International Day of Femslash.  Check out the website or the LJ community  There will be panels, awards, and pre-recorded AudioFics, AudioDramas, and Interviews.  We are looking for volunteers for all aspects of the Con.  If you would like to volunteer or just have suggestions the email is

On Wednesday I leave for my annual pilgrimage to Vancouver for the Stargate Convention.  While I am there I plan on advertising and the FemSlashCon.  I have multi-fandom materials to give out but what I would really love is something Stargate specific.  Something I could print out postcard size with the women of Stargate and/or the lesbian symbol made from Stargates.  If you have a graphic that I could use I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance,


Fic - In Sickness And In Hell

Title: In Sickness And In Hell
Author: L.E McMurray
Summary: Someone once said that hell is other people, they were wrong
Main characters: Rodney McKay and Laura Cadman
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: All episodes with Cadman in it
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my extensive DVD collection

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Hello and A Fic

I love the idea of this community and had to join so here I am with my first fic.

Title: Crystal
Author: L.E McMurray
Summary:Jeannie gets some advice after a tragedy.
Type / Pairings: None
Main characters: Jeannie Miller and Daniel Jackson
Warnings: Minor Character Death, AU
Spoilers: Episodes with Jeannie in SGA, SG1 - Forever in A Day
Disclaimer: The only things that belong to me are my stories and a cute tiger that is attached to my computer.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Stonedtoad for the beta.
This actually comes from a story I had in mind for a long time but I don't think I'll ever write this but I liked this scene so here it is.


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Sam & Jack

multi-fandom icon post

001-026 Battlestar Galactica
027-036 Charmed
037-066 Crossover (Buffy/Supernatural, Buffy/Supernatural/True Blood, Supernatural/True Blood, Charmed/Stargate, Buffy/Doctor Who)
067-080 Doctor Who
081-117 Stargate SGA, SG-1 & SGU


fanfiction/fanart, eureka

Cadman and SGU Secondary Women Icons :)

Well, now that SGU is finally in full swing... I think it's safe to say that 2nd Lt. Vanessa James, Camille Wray and Dr. Lisa Park can be considered secondary women, right? Okay, so here's a summary of those I posted on stargate_icons and sgu_destiny until now. And Cadman as added bonus ;)

[05] Laura Cadman/Jaime Ray Newman
[15] Vanessa James
[06] Camille Wray
[01] Lisa Park


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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